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Vulms Notice Board: The Virtual University of Pakistan (VU) offers its students access to the VULMS Notice Board. It’s a hub for official communications from the school administration, such as updates on assignments, tests, grades, events, and more.

Vulms Notice Board

The Notice Board is regularly updated to keep students abreast of campus news and events. It may be accessed from any device, as there is a desktop and mobile version. Students can use this site to keep tabs on the assignments they have due, the grades they have received, and the communication channels open between them and their teachers and classmates.

In addition to serving as a communication channel between students and faculty, it is also utilized by student groups to publicize events and solicit new members. Student groups can advertise their activities and recruit new members by posting on the bulletin board.

Vulms Notice Board’s Most Notable Features

The VU-LMS Notice Board is an effective and easy way for students and faculty to stay in touch and informed about campus activities and happenings. It makes sure that everyone associated with the university is aware of significant developments and new opportunities.

vulms notce board

All students have access to a common area where announcements about forthcoming events, due dates, and job openings are posted. Teachers can also utilize the bulletin board to distribute course materials and syllabus to students.

  • Faculty and students can use the Notice Board to keep in touch and up-to-date on VU-related news and events.
  • Events, due dates, and job openings are announced through a public bulletin board.
  • Teachers are encouraged to share their syllabi, reading lists, and any other relevant items online.
  • The Notice Board is a practical method of communication because notices may be quickly added to or taken down.
  • It’s user-friendly and serves as a reliable source of information for everyone at VU.

Important Announcements in the Vulms Notice Board

Dates and other significance reminders are posted on the Vulms login notice board like:

  • Sign Up for Classes:

On the 10th of July in 2023, the beginning of the registration period for the upcoming semester is going to take place. Log in to your VULMS account as soon as possible and choose the classes that you would like to take during this period. Make sure you look over the course catalog and talk to your academic advisor to get some advice on how to choose classes that are acceptable for you.

  • Schedule of Exams:

The timetable for the final examinations to be taken during this semester has been made public. You will need to log in to your VULMS account in order to access it. Be sure to write down the times and dates of all of your upcoming tests. You have until July 15, 2023 to submit a request to the Examinations Department if you have any scheduling conflicts or if you require special accommodations.

  • Graduation Ceremony/ Convocation:

The date of the annual graduation ceremony has been set for August 20th, 2023, and we are thrilled to share this news with you. Invitations and additional information will be issued to the graduates who are eligible for the program via the email address they provided during registration.

Please respond to this invitation by August 1, 2023, to confirm your attendance and guarantee a spot. The invitation will also include supplementary information, such as where to rent gowns and how guests can register for the event.


  1. How do I access the Vulms Notice Board?

Launch the Vulms platform and navigate to your Home page to locate the ‘Notice Board’ tile. Clicking on this tile will grant you access to the Vulms Notice Board.

  1. Who is allowed to make noticeboard announcements?

On the Vulms Notice Board, information can only be posted by faculty members who have the appropriate permissions.

  1. How do I change my Vulms password?

Visit the Vulms login page and select the “Forgot Password” link in order to change your password. Create a new password by following the on-screen prompts.

  1. How can I contact my course instructor?

There is a “Course Instructor” link in your Vulms course portal. It links to your professor’s email and office hours so you may get in touch with them easily.

  1. How can I access my course materials?

The “Courses” tab can be accessed once logged into Vulms. Choose a course to view its associated readings, assignments, and more by clicking on it below.

  1. When will I find out how I did on the test?

You can access your exam grades in Vulms by clicking on the “Grades” tab after the results have been released. Your grades will be posted next to the relevant classes.

If you want to get anything done at VU, you need to use the VU-LMS Notice Board. All the latest news and updates from the university, including events, opportunities, and more, are shared with the faculty and students. It’s crucial for everyone at VU to know what’s going on and be aware of recent developments.

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